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[11] Bill

I think it's a great album, hard ass kickin' rock n' roll, bands like this sure know how to rock my world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!great job.
Wed Oct 17, 01 12:00am

[10] T

Fri Oct 12, 01 12:00am

[9] Isismur

Yeeaahh!!This album is fucking great!!!Good job men!!
Mon Oct 01, 01 12:00am

[8] Scott Schenker

I love this album.
I haven't heard anything this good in a long time.
Killer guitar, great vocals, excellent songs.
You just don't hear great music like this anymore...... Rock On!
Mon Aug 06, 01 12:00am

[7] Florin O.Matyas

MY comments refer to both albums:these guys fu..ing kick ass from Tokyo to Idaho.It's been a long time since I've heard something so honest and powerful that totally made me rise my eyes above my beer.Rock on,guys!
Sat Oct 14, 00 12:00am

[6] Glen Rodriguez

I have been a long time fan of Doug Aldrich's music since 1985.
His new band kicks ass!I wish he was still jamming with Kal.
I just recently got "Burning Rain" but I'm getting used to the new singer.
The song "Making My Heart Beat" hooked me immediatly.
Also "Superstar Train" got my attention as well.
I think this band is "Radio Ready," they should be playing their music on the radio all the time.
I know if "Making My Heart Beat" would just get picked up by any radio stations it would set things in motion.
Thu Sep 09, 99 12:00am

[5] Alexandre Costa

My name is Alex and talk from Brazil, recently I brought this album and I love so much.
A long time don't hear a great band like BURNING RAIN, I'm very very happy,
their music inspire me for live my life.
Don't give up ever and long live for BURRRNING RAIN!!
P.S.: Ok, e-mail me Burning Rain members and Fans.
Wed Jun 02, 99 12:16am

[4] Sarah Corbett

I went to visit a friend one day.
When I walked in her house this band was playing on tape.
And I was like wow.
Who are they? She told me and I recorded the tape off her.
I listen to it in my car all the time.
I listen to Slaughter all the time and think you guys could be as big or bigger than them
and that is saying a lot becuase Slaughter is my favorite band.
You guys have a good look and a good sound.
I hope you guys make it big.
I know I will come to your concerts in NC if you ever come and I find out about it.
Wed Jun 02, 99 12:00am

[3] Seiji Maeda

This album is what you call "AWESOME".
The sound is quite simular to the 1st BMR album which I really like a lot.
I always imagine them playing live when I listen to this album
and I know the actual live will be a night I won't forget.
I've been a big fan of Doug since he joined LION and went to every gig he played in Japan.
(Even when he was here playing with HURRICANE.)

Sun May 30, 99 06:00am

[2] Seiji Maeda

Best album in the century !
Thu May 20, 99 12:00am

[1] dave

i'm glad to see a band finally make a great gutiar cd in the 90's
its been along time since ive heard a cd
that good its the best i've ever heard i hope they keep making cd's
Thu May 13, 99 12:00am

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