Doug: Whitesnake Official Press Release

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Doug Aldrich News Jun-18-2010 (Fri) 12:35pm PST/PDT

Doug: Whitesnake Official Press Release


June 2010 - WHITESNAKE have officially announced that bassist URIAH DUFFY & drummer CHRIS FRAZIER are going their separate ways from the band after a fun filled & successful journey together.

WHITESNAKE wish URIAH & CHRIS every success in pursuing their individual musical careers & express their sincere gratitude for the exceptional contribution they both made to the legacy of the band.

WHITESNAKE are proud to welcome drummer/vocalist extraordinaire, BRIIAN TICHY... ( )

WHITESNAKE are currently in the studio writing & recording the follow up to their award winning 'GOOD TO BE BAD' album, which is expected to be released throughout the world on the FRONTIERS label in Spring 2011 to coincide with their return to touring.

At this time WHITESNAKE are still exploring their options for the position of new Bass Player/Singer...

from Doug:

Doug Aldrich

We had great times with Uriah and Chris. They are friends and amazingly talented players. I remain a huge fan of both of them.

Big news!
We are very excited about the addition of Briian T! He is a Badass for sure no doubt!
BT to the bone!!

Best regards everyone,

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