Doug: Y&T - Phil Kennemore Benefit Auction

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Doug Aldrich News Dec-14-2010 (Tue) 10:20am PST/PDT

Doug: Y&T - Phil Kennemore Benefit Auction

Doug Aldrich Fender Telecaster

Hey Everyone. There are some things that I would like to promote including a great organization called Music Heals. Its a Charity to help sick children and I really am thankful that they are there.... But first, I wanted to ask, when you have a chance, to please visit the Y&T website (See Link) and view the Phil Kennemore Benefit Concert Items up for auction. Really great things to bid on. All the proceeds will go to help Phil who is battling Cancer. Phil is one of the all time great guys in music and Ive been a fan of Y&T since I first heard them in 1981. In 2003, Whitesnake , Y&T and Gary Moore worked together for the UK Monsters Of Rock Tour and we've been friends since. You couldnt ask to know a cooler bunch of guys. Y&T live is just badass!

For the Benefit auction, I wanted to donate one of my most favorite guitars. Its a Fender Custom Shop Telecaster. Its amazing. I have it used on every record since I got it in 1997, including Burning Rain as well as both Whitesnake's Good To Be Bad and the new record. There are some funny stories about this guitar, but I tell them later...
Its an Ash wood body with a Gibson BurstBucker #1 Humbucker that I added in the front. In the studio the guitar is Super Fat and Warm. I used the guitar live with Whitesnake all over the world and people always commented on how unique the tone is. I miss it already so I will probably try to win it back for myself! Anyway, whoever gets it will be happy with it no question. Im hoping it will go for a big price. We are also including a Tour Book from the Monsters o Rock Tour plus a slide and picks. The Tour Book is signed by David, Reb, Tommy, Marco, Timothy and me. Thanks so much for checking the site!

Doug Aldrich and Y&T

Phil, we all love you man.
Get well SOOOON Bro!!

Y&T - Phil Kennemore Benefit Concert

Phil Kennemore Benefit Concert

I was very sorry to hear that Phil Kennemore is battling with a form of Cancer.

The Y&T guys and their management have decided to put on a benefit show to help with the costs involved. There is also going to be a auction of things at the Y&T site. If you are going to be in Northern California on New Years, try and see this really important Y&T show.

Doug Aldrich

I'm going to try my best to make it but either way, it is without a doubt that I want to be involved in some way.

Phil is an amazingly cool guy and a great player and friend. I'm praying for his speedy recovery back to stage where he belongs.
Thank you Doug

The Phil Kennemore Benefit Concert

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