Next Burning Rain album

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Burning Rain News Sep-30-2005 (Fri) 2:57pm PST/PDT

Next Burning Rain album

Keith and Doug have been collaborating recently to put what will hopefully be the final touches on the songs for the next Burning Rain album (#3).
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[12] billy beach .. Jan.22.2006 03:43 AM

dear mr.doug,i\'m a super freak when it comes to whitesnake. i got to watch you guys in seattle and portland,thank you very so much for 2 great shows back to back and i got to meet coverdale in person which was worth the $ since i thought he was god for a long time. i was hoping to meet you after the show in portland but never got to, i just wanted to ask you about burning rain. by the way i\'m not gay...tommy pissed me off when he started to hit on my girl but thats cool,he may of thought she was a groupie and that i wasn\'t with her but besides that you were great with dio even better with coverdale but in my personal opinion...lion(awesome...i was born and raised in japan so my taste is more japanese). but burning rain is the shit! you and that singer, you guys got it down so sexy.i hope you play in seattle someday. when i came to seattle in \'92 i didn\'t know i came to grunge town,it was a nightmare but 13yrs. later i saw you with coverdale and i thought it was a childhood dream

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