Whitesnake Tour 2006 and Event

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Doug Aldrich News Aug-9-2006 (Wed) 8:39am PST/PDT

Whitesnake Tour 2006 and Event

End of this tour... by Doug Aldrich
Whitesnake 2006 UK Tour

Whitesnake Tour 2006 Reviews

Please send us your report and photos, and vote your feeling!!

Whitesnake Japan Tour 2006

Doug got to Japan in safety on May 7th + PhotosMore Info: Creativeman

Special Live Report In Japan & Interview

Burrn! August Burrn! August: Special Live Report In Japan
YOUNG GUITAR August YOUNG GUITAR August: Doug Aldrich Interview

Event: Doug Aldrich and Reb Beach Clinic

Whitesnake Europe/UK Tour 2006

  • Sat, May.27 Manchester Apollo: Manchester, UK
  • Sun, May.28 Nia Birmingham: Birmingham, UK
  • Wed, May.31 Guildhall: Portsmouth, UK
  • Thu, Jun.01 Hammersmith Apollo: London, UK
  • Sat, Jun.03 Milan, Italy (Gods of Metal)
  • Mon, Jun.05 Volkshaus: Zurich, Switzerland
  • Tue, Jun.06 Big Box: Kempten, Germany
  • Wed, Jun.07 Koenig-Pilsener: Oberhausen, Germany
  • Fri, Jun.09 Arrow Classic: the Netherlands
  • Sat, Jun.10 Sweden Rock Festival: Solvesborg, Sweden
  • Wed, Jun.14 Coliseum: Lisbon, Portugal
  • Fri, Jun.16 La Cubierta Leganes: Madrid, Spain
  • Sat, Jun.17 Lorca Rock: Alicante, Spain
  • Mon, Jun.18 Ferial Rock: Zaragoza, Spain
  • Wed, Jun.20 Anexo Sant Jordi: Barcelona, Spain
  • Wed, Jun.21 Havana Cafe: Toulouse, France
  • Fri, Jun.23 Graspop: Dessel, Belgium
  • Sat, Jun.24 Bang Your Head: Balingen, Germany
  • Mon, Jun.26 Newcastle City Hall: Newcastle, UK
  • Tue, Jun.27 Newcastle City Hall: Newcastle, UK
  • Thu, Jun.29 Sheffield City Hall: Sheffield, UK
  • Fri, Jun.30 Carling Academy Glasgow: Glasgow, UK
  • Sun, Jul.02 Cardiff International Arena: Cardiff, Wales
  • Mon, Jul.03 Big Top Arena: Liverpool, UK
  • Sat, Jul.08 Bluesteltet: Skanevik, Norway
  • Sun, Jul.09 Rockefeller: Oslo, Norway
  • Tue, Jul.11 Icehall: Helsinki, Finland
  • Fri, Jul.14 Masters of Rock: Vizovice, Czech Rep.
  • Sat, Jul.15 Feldkirchen Rock: Feldkirchen, Austria
  • Sun, Jul.16 Krizanka: Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Wed, Jul.19 Karaiskaki Arena: Athens, Greece
  • Fri, Jul.21 Kaftanzanglio Stadium: Thessaloniki, Greece
  • Sat, Jul.22 Castle Festival: Ioaninina, Greece
  • Mon, Jul.24 Skopje Ice Hocky: Skopje, Macedonia
  • Wed, Jul.26 Sportstadium: Kavarna, Bulgaria
  • Fri, Jul.28 Park Orman: Istanbul, Turkey
  • Sun, Jul.30 Tasmajdan: Belgrade, (F)Yugoslavia
  • Tue, Aug.01 Petofi Csarnok: Budapest, Hungary
  • Thu, Aug.03 Hugenottenhalle: Neu-Isenburg, Germany
  • Sat, Aug.05 Wacken Festival: Wacken, Germany
  • Tue, Aug.08 Rock City: Nottingham, UK
  • Wed, Aug.09 Nia: Birmingham, UK
More Info: Whitesnake.com, getLive.co.uk

Hungary show was cancelled

The August 1st show in Hungary was cancelled due to a violent storm. (WS 2006 board)
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[17] melek .. Mar.18.2006 09:42 AM

you must come to turkey/ ankara

[23] miler .. Apr.03.2006 04:38 AM

when will whitesnake come in serbia?

[24] miler .. Apr.03.2006 04:42 AM

can you send me david coverdale\'s email?

[26] Greeny .. Apr.10.2006 04:54 AM

They\'re coming to Ljubljana (Slovenija) in the middle of July ;)))

[27] Djordje .. Apr.10.2006 05:26 AM


[28] mihu .. Apr.10.2006 11:06 AM

Aren\'t they coming in Serbia, hmm, in July? I think they\'re having a concert on Tashmajdan (:

[29] David .. Apr.12.2006 08:47 AM

Which band is dupporting Whitesnake in the U.K

[30] rockn .. Apr.12.2006 01:41 PM

Just wondered, with all these dates, are you going to tour the US this year? Thanks and Keep Rockin
Also, Loved the Live DVD!

[31] Jeffrey Moore .. Apr.12.2006 03:45 PM

Is Whitesnake coming to Australia.

[32] Steve Silver .. Apr.24.2006 08:41 PM

I am looking forward too the new tour here in U.S.A.!Unfortunitly,i missed the last tour.This is a question for Doug.Do you think you will ever make a Instructional dvd?You\'re playing is amazing and has been a huge inspiration in my own playing! Keep Rockin!!!

[33] Ana .. Apr.30.2006 06:22 PM

I can\'t belive it! Whitesnake in Macedonia!
Yeeeeessssssss!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! :) I\'ll be there! I can\'t wait until then!
Ohhh i still can not belive! When I can buy tikets? Where I can buy?

[35] jose cuenca .. May.09.2006 05:54 AM

I ´ll be in Leganes(madrid) next 16 of June, Probably is the best day of the year for me. I Love whitesnake from 1983

[103] ARTAN .. May.22.2006 07:38 AM


[128] marina .. Jun.01.2006 12:50 PM

please come in croatia or BiH!!! please please, why don\'t you come in SPLIT, as you said.....

[129] Gabi .. Jun.01.2006 03:40 PM

We were at first row at The Hammersmith Apollo tonight and the gig was fucking amazing. Thanks for gave us teh chance to see you guys playing. We love ya. Gabi

[130] Iulian .. Jun.05.2006 09:36 PM

Will you ever come again in Romania ?
I wish U well !

[131] mirza&almir .. Jun.07.2006 03:24 PM

too many tears from bosnia and herzegovina
we hope you`ll come to us our croatia

[155] NIkola .. Jun.12.2006 05:23 AM

Jes kao da sam znao...prvo metallica pa megadeth sad i whitesnake...necete zazaliti sto nas niste zaobisli...napravicemo najbolju mogucu atmosferu

[158] Rajan | Web .. Jul.02.2006 02:27 PM

tung, Veq deshta me ju pershendet juve dhe stafin realizus, whitesnake, edhe shfrytezoj rastin me pershendet qiken e tezes Yllken nga gjermania duke i uruar marrjen e patent shoferit dhe i uroj vozitje te kujdesshme.

[161] RennyCoverdale .. Jul.08.2006 07:28 AM

All the Albanian people will be very pleased if Whitesnake will came here.

[164] štate bolikurac .. Jul.11.2006 04:32 AM

I really don`t agree with white snake`s decision (or their manager`s) about their concert in croatia.they are going to play in all of the former Yugoslavian countries, but they couldn`t find one day at the end of the \"balkan tour\" to come to Croatia.I consider that as a big \"thanks\" to all of the Croatian fans.And some of them really don`t have enough money to take a journey to Slovenia or Serbia.I think that the tour is called Europe/UK tour..What, we aren`t Europe..!? It really looks like that...one more time-thank you, see you in Slovenia. ...yeah,right... :(

[172] mio .. Jul.23.2006 02:54 PM

Please Post your comment!
_ I am so sad becouse Whitesnake do not come in Croatia ....What hapend ? Lot of fans expected David in Split 3.8. 2006. Please come to my Country,I can not belive why Whitesnake have concert in Slovenia,Hungary,Serbia and Macedonia but not in Croatia ........We are live in same planet like they are ......Please come ...please .......

[173] bora .. Jul.23.2006 10:28 PM

Please Post your comment!
he will be in Turkey on 28.07 with Whitesnake..
what about Burning Rain?

[175] Ana .. Jul.25.2006 05:03 PM

Mr. Aldrich...all my respect to you...you were amazing in Maceodnia! I want to know where I can send you a few pic from you they are very very good ones!Feel free to contact me to send it to you! Thanks for everithing...that night! Kisess...:-*

[176] rEDfIS .. Jul.26.2006 02:07 AM

i was there In Concert
i see that best concert its my first time to see David Coverdal Live What i Like To Talk About That Is NO COMMENT
We Like To See In Kosovo
WE WAIT yOU.....................................

[202] neso .. Aug.02.2006 05:36 AM

I watched Whitesnake in Belgrade, Serbia on 30 July 2006. It was a great show and I imensely enjoyed it. Great playing, great audience, great atmosphere. I hope Whitesnake enjoyed it as much as we fans did. I only wished I would hear my favorite \"Standing in the shadow\"

[204] kev .. Aug.13.2006 06:34 PM

van halen all the way

[209] Fatmir .. Oct.07.2006 01:12 AM

Well, I`ve seen once Whitesnake live... but I guess it`s not enough, so is Whitesnake coming again in Finland?

[215] NEMANJA RUNIC .. Nov.20.2006 12:25 AM

Well first of all i do not know how to begin.To see and to hear the best R\'N\'R vocal was an incredible experience.I listen to your songs every bloody day,and i simply can not get enough.I hope to see you again very soon,because i think that you have seen it yourself,that you are the most respected rock star in SERBIA.In the end i would like to thank you once more,because you made me cry when i heard you singing S.O.F.Please find time to come again soon.My life is not complete without your voice,dear Mr.Coverdale.This country,definitely must see you in the heart of the city Belgrade,IN THE STILL OF THE NIGHT.YOU ARE GOD!!!!!!!Cheers,God bless you,your family and the members of the biggest R\'N\'B band in the world.We are READY AN\' WILLING,just waiting on you to come again.PLEASE FIND TIME.You have no idea how people in my country are eager to hear the most beautiful voice on the planet.

[217] Nemanja .. Dec.11.2006 12:48 PM

Are Whitesnake coming in Montenegro? Are they gonna ever come here? It would be asoame!! People of Montenegro expeting you!! Or is just gonna be the dream to see you? Poz iz Crne Gore

[219] Artkov .. Dec.29.2006 05:38 AM

What about Poland?
:( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

[220] whitesnake .. Jan.24.2007 12:17 PM

tak, samo vi hrvati njima kazite!!!
david je zakon!!!
vidimo se na slijedecem koncertu ma gdje god on bio...

[225] JEBIGA .. Mar.05.2007 04:37 AM

hellooooo??? WS will play in serbija Macedonija but not in CROATIA??? What about your concert in Split, nothing??? Many funs waiting for you in Split but...?
Croatia is waiting for you,we cant go to serbija because of our situation(we dont love them). WE EXPECTED DAVID IN SPLIT SOON!!!WERY SOON!!! FUNS

[232] kristijan .. May.14.2007 05:24 AM

whitesnake nesto izvoredno se nadevam deka ce dojdat pak vo skopje edvaj te cekam david. marco cool si!!!
pozdrav do site makedonci niz cel svet

[233] heavy girl .. May.23.2007 06:34 AM


[234] Alex .. May.25.2007 07:08 AM

Thank You

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