Doug played for Mr.Sera in Japan + TV appearance

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Doug Aldrich News Jan-24-2008 (Thu) 3:54am PST/PDT

Doug played for Mr.Sera in Japan + TV appearance

Doug will appear on a NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) music program SONGS on January 30th.
He plays 2 songs with Mr.Sera in this program.

SONGS (Songs of Our Generation)

Airdate (No.35)
NHK Sogo: Wed, Jan-30 11:00pm-
NHK Sogo: Tue, Feb-5 1:50am- (Repeat)
NHK BS2: wed, Feb-6 8:30am-

Play List

Moero ii Onna
Masanori Sera
Masanori Sera
Anta no Ballad
Masanori Sera and Doug Aldrich
Masanori Sera and Doug Aldrich
Masanori Sera


Details in English (Check out "Songs of Our Generation")
NHK World Premium - Music Programs
TV JAPAN in North America
JSTV in Europe

Doug is in Japan now and playing for "Masanori Sera's 30th anniversary special live" at the Club IKUSPIARI in Maihama, Chiba (near Tokyo Disney Resort). It's held only two nights, Wednesday Nov-28th and Thursday 29th.

masanori sera's connection
30th anniversary special edition!!
Club IKUSPIARI only show in JAPAN 2day's

Wednesday Nov-28th, Thursday Nov-29th
Door open 18:00(6:00pm) Start 19:30(7:30pm)
Charge 7,000yen, Door 7,500yen, 2days 12,000yen
Masanori Sera (vo & g)
Marty Friedman (g)
Muneyuki Kamimoto (key)
Doug Aldrich (g)
Masanori Sera official site

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[243] aaron .. Dec.12.2007 10:32 AM

nice site saw you with whitesnake in 2004 at hammersmith and i brought the dvd your a great player and you pull off all eras of whitesnake you get a great and distictive sound out of your guitar in my opinion your 1 of the best today, will whitesnake be touring again,keep it up.

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