Happy New Year 2010!

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Burning Rain News Jan-4-2010 (Mon) 11:32pm PST/PDT

Happy New Year 2010!

Happy New Year 2010!
Happy New Year!
Thank you for your support.
Much peace, love and joy to you in 2010.

Merry Christmas to everyone at BR.net!!

Doug Aldrich

From my family to yours,
I wish you all a Happy and Healthy New Year in 2010!

Thank you so much for all your support.
I am extremely lucky to have you all in my life.

All the best Doug

Happy Holidays! from Burning Rain

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[391] eddie-bull .. Jan.06.2010 11:37 AM

from myfamily to Burning Rain......you make our heart beat...........................cum an tour Spain, pleeze
sometimes is GOOD to be DOUG............most amazing guitarist in heaven, hell an´ Earth......lead singer incredible an´bassist really good work...............i´m proud all or you

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