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Doug Aldrich News Feb-19-2011 (Sat) 12:00am PST/PDT

Doug Aldrich's Birthday

Today marks Doug Aldrich's birthday.
Happy Birthday Doug!!

Leave your birthday message for Doug on the DA.com message board!

Thank you all for your birthday wishes!

Doug Aldrich

Wow! What can I say but Thank You.

You guys make an old dude feel young again!! Haha

I had a really great day today. Just pretty mellow. Got up, did breaky for Ryder, got an unexpected nap, played guitar and gonna have a coulee beers tonight with friends.

I very much appreciate you all thinking of me today. I'm very fortunate to have your support..... Specially today. Cause when you get to be as old as me..... You need all the support you can get!!

Thank you very much everyone.
Love Da

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Doug Aldrich News Feb-13-2011 (Sun) 2:36am PST/PDT

Doug: Rest in Peace Gary Moore

February 7th 2011

Doug Aldrich

I spent today rediscovering some of the work he did. Nobody ever played with more emotion than Gary Moore. He played with unmatched soul and melody. But he was also by far, THE most ferocious, fearless and intense player i ever heard. No question. His playing made a huge impact on me.

I had the opportunity to see him play several times while on tour. I remember me and Reb listening to him warm up.... It was awesome! Not only was he one of the all time great guitarists right up there with guys like Hendrix and Rhoads, but his voice was righteous and pure. Rest Peacefully Gary.

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Ian Mayo News Jan-14-2011 (Fri) 12:00am PST/PDT

Ian Mayo Birthday

Ian Mayo Happy Birthday Ian!!

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Keith St John News Jan-4-2011 (Tue) 4:13am PST/PDT

Keith: NAMM Jamm Guitar Players Ball


NAMM Jamm Guitar Players Ball

Ronnie Montrose, George Lynch, Gilby Clarke and Others will share one stage!! I'll be singin with Ronnie, George and whoever else needs Me that night !! Veins Of Jenna is Opening. Members Of Warrant are doin an Acoustic Set. There will definitely be some very very Special Moments You won't wanna miss !!..Together on 1 stage If U Know What I Mean !!...KSJ

KSJ: Myspace, KSJ: Facebook

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Burning Rain News Jan-1-2011 (Sat) 12:00am PST/PDT

Happy New Year 2011!

Happy Holidays and Have a Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!
May the year of 2011 bring you a lot of happiness and smiles.

Thank you all for your support in 2010 and Hope to see you in 2011!

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Keith St John News Dec-19-2010 (Sun) 1:22am PST/PDT

Keith: BONZO 'The Groove Remains The Same'

Bonzo: The Groove Remains The Same: A Double Encore!

A Night In Honor of John Bonham

Due to the overwhelming success and positive feedback from the audience AND drummers at the first 'Bonzo: The Groove Remains The Same' John Bonham tribute show on Zeptember 25th, 2010, Briian Tichy and Joe Sutton agreed to look into doing it again. AND of course, Keith will be joining the event again!

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