Bad Moon Rising Fan Club Fan meeting in Japan: Jan-30-1999

Bad Moon Rising Fan Club: Fan meeting

Sat Jan-30-1999 in Tokyo, Japan

In the end of January in 1999, Doug Aldrich and Keith St.John went to Japan to promote their debut album Burning Rain. During their stay, on January 30th, Bad Moon Rising Fan Club Presents Fan meeting was held in Tokyo and Doug and Keith attended it as special guests.

Fan meeting

  1. Listening to the CD "Burning Rain" (World Premiere!?)
  2. Q and A
  3. Contest
  4. Presents: winners got special prizes
  5. Signing Session

Brief Report by

Q and A

The fans asked about 15 questions to Doug and Keith.
Doug and Keith answered the questions in earnest, politely, and sometimes funnily:)

The Contest

The fans created Band logo, CD jacket, illustration, and etc...
Doug and Keith picked the best one each.

The best prize (Doug)

by Annie CD back-Jacket by Annie

The best prize (Keith)

by Harumi CD Jacket by Harumi


CD back-Jacket by Harumi

Magazine front cover by june.s

CD Jacket by megu

illustration by megu

illustration by megu

CD Jacket by Harumi

Band logo by Harumi


Doug Guitar Pick Keith Doug and more

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