Burning Rain 新譜 発売情報について

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Burning Rain ニュース 2008年2月15日 (金) 8:56pm JST

Burning Rain 新譜 発売情報について

HMV、タワーレコード、Amazon.co.jpのサイトに、Burning Rain新譜発売の情報が掲載されましたが、残念ながらまだ発売はしません。

新譜発売情報について..Doug Aldrichより


現時点では、僕は、日本でももうすぐ発売されるホワイトスネイクの新譜 Good To Be Bad のプロモーションと、ツアーに気持ちを集中させようと思っている。僕自身、このアルバムにはとてもエキサイトしているよ。皆も新譜を気に入って楽しんでくれるといいな。


Best regards, Doug


Hi everyone, I wanted to clear up some confusion about a future Burning Rain Japanese release date that was posted on the HMV and Tower Records sites. There is no current release date for Burning Rain. This release info was a mistake. We also have not made any formal aggreement with a Japanese label.
BR has a lot of new songs that have been in the works for some time, but time will be needed to finish them. I very much hope that at some time in the near future we will have a new record recordedツ and I will let you know as soon as to any release updates as soon as anything is set.

At the moment, my attention is needed to tour and promote the long waited Whitesnake "Good To Be Bad" record which is to be released in Japan soon. I'm very excited about this record and I hope you will enjoy it!

Thanks and sorry for the confusion.

Best regards, Doug


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