Whitesnake Tour 2009 - added Reviews / Photos

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Doug Aldrich News Sep-7-2009 (Mon) 6:44am PST/PDT

Whitesnake Tour 2009 - added Reviews / Photos

Doug Aldrich Whitesnake Tour 2009

Updated Reviews / Photos

Sun Aug-02 Gibson Amphitheatre: Universal City, CA USA

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  • kittybeast

Updated Reviews / Photos

Wed Jul-01 The Family Arena: St. Charles, MO USA


Thu Jul-09 Molson Amphitheatre: Toronto, ON Canada

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Sat Jul-11 PNC Banks Arts Center: Holmdel, NJ USA

  • WS In New Jersey Last Night! on Doug Aldrich.com board

Tue Jul-21 PNC Pavilion at Riverbend Music Center: Cincinnati, OH USA

  • Hard Rock Hideout

Wed Jul-22 Nashville Municipal Auditorium: Nashville, TN USA

  • Nashville-Wednesday night on Doug Aldrich.com board

Sat Jul-25 Freeman Coliseum: San Antonio, TX USA

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Wed Jul-29 California Mid - State Fair: Paso Robles, CA USA


Sun Aug-02 Gibson Amphitheatre: Universal City, CA USA


Tue Aug-04 SDSU Open Air Theatre: San Diego, CA USA

Wed Aug-05 Pacific Amphitheatre: Los Angeles, CA USA

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Fri Aug-07 Dodge Theatre: Phoenix, AZ USA

  • Phoenix show canceled Whitesnake.com

Whitesnake cancel the remaining dates of the U.S. tour

Message from Doug

Apologies for everyone that we didnt get to see in the last shows this week and next. It sucks for us as much as it does for you.
I hope that we can maybe make the dates up or at least tour there next time. Thanks so much for your support and understanding.

From what I understand, he will make a full recovery. Its just gonna take some time.
Im just very thankful that he stopped and went to the doctor when he did.

No body is and was more bummed than David. The thing with him is
that even when he is tired or sick, he still digs deep and does the same performance
as when he is 100%. I asked him to take it easy that night , but that dude
has the heart of a lion. He just goes for it even if he is is injured, and normally,
he pushes through to a great performance. Obviously this time was very severe, so im happy he stopped.

Thanks for everything this tour. It was awesome to meet up with you all. Hope to see you again soon!
Best, Doug

Official Announcement Aug-12-2009

Unfortunately, last night at the Red Rocks Amphitheater, Denver, Whitesnake had to cut their performance short due to Mr Coverdale experiencing considerable pain in his vocal chords. He was immediately taken to a specialist for examination. The specialist discovered that David was suffering from severe vocal fold edema and a left vocal fold vascular lesion. He was instructed to cancel all performances for the next two weeks & then undergo a further examination. The doctors told us we were fortunate this was caught at a stage where no apparent permanent damage has been caused. We therefore regretfully have to announce that Whitesnake will not be appearing on the remainder of the US tour with Judas Priest, Whitesnake sincerely regrets any disappointment this may cause.

Whitesnake Phoenix show canceled

Attention all of you who are planning to attend tonight’s concert in Phoenix: Unfortunately DC has a case of laryngitis and his doctors insist that his show NOT go on tonight as planned. This will not affect other shows and they will be in Las Vegas tomorrow night as scheduled. We are very sorry for the inconvenience but this sort of thing cannot be helped. I am sure you will join me in wishing David a very speedy recovery… and hope he stays out of the direct line of the air conditioning from now on.
Poor Albert Whitesnake.com

Luxembourg show on Jun-3 has been cancelled

Here is the message from Poor Albert at whitesnake.com (May-29 (Fri) )

Hello folks. I just got a confirmation from the tour manager that the Luxembourg show has been cancelled. They will reimburse your money if you have tickets for it ( contact@e-ticket.lu ). There is no reschedule for this show, so Brussels is the next best location. Please be aware that WS DID NOT CANCEL, it was a problem on the business end of things with the promoter/venue on this one.

The Whitesnake tour 2009 starts in Norway, Sandnes Rock Fest!

Doug and the band have arrived there safe and sound. He is very much excited about seeing you (again) on this tour! We hope everybody have an enjoyable time with Doug...

After seeing the show(s),
Don't forget to vote, and send us your review/photos and any tour things you get.
Share your happiness with DA fans all over the world!!

This time, we don't set up a tour board (coz bit unuseful), So send Review & Attachment files (or photo URL in flickr or any) from Send Rivew/Photo

Thank you and Have fun!

To everybody... Please take good care of yourself and avoid the swine flu.

Whitesnake is pleased to announce they are to tour the USA again after far too long an absence.

USA Tour Official Announcement

Whitesnake are very happy to announce they have committed to playing a one-off UK gig in 2009 at the Download Festival on June 14th with Def Leppard.

It is understood there is also a Special Edition of their award winning, 2008 album, Good To Be Bad, featuring bonus tracks, being released around the same time.

In preparation for the Download show, Whitesnake will also be playing 3 weeks of shows around Scandinavia & Europe, starting in Norway on the 21st May, & will include headlining several festivals, & playing some low key, smaller venues in towns & villages outside of major cities.

Whitesnake singer, David Coverdale, said that in these uncertain times, when it is economically difficult for some people to get to see rock shows in their major cities, then it is the responsibility of the artist to take their music to the people, & thats what Whitesnake intends to do, before undertaking a major North American tour in Summer.


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[358] allan .. Feb.23.2009 09:06 AM

why oh why do whitesnake want to be a support band for the shite that is def leppard,on the last tour whitesnake only do 56 mins?
whitesnake are ten times the band def leppard are.someone needs to sit down with coverdale are tell him to get on tour with his own band

[359] Elen .. Apr.23.2009 08:38 AM

whitesnake tour brazil 2009?Please....rss.

[360] diego rodriguez .. Apr.28.2009 01:38 PM

whitesnake in Colombia for 2009 / 2010

[361] Eri .. May.17.2009 10:46 PM

so hi, im a Whitesnake mexican fan, n i wuld like to know more details about the tickets to the days on SA TX, or Houston

[362] Damián .. May.18.2009 12:39 PM

WHITESNAKE in ECUADOR please.........se los suplico ..

[363] henry .. May.19.2009 01:09 PM

Make a stop some where between Orange Beach, AL and New Orleans, LA

[364] RockGod .. May.21.2009 06:32 AM

Shatit allan .. Feb.23.2009 09:06 AM.....comment when u know wot ur talkin about !

[365] veronica .. Jun.04.2009 02:03 PM

love whitesnake

[366] thecondor .. Jun.19.2009 12:47 PM

i like this guis. the performance and the songs.

[368] Jane .. Jul.08.2009 12:46 AM

Whitesnake were awesome as usual at Download!! I was right down the front and it was bril . David Coverdale still has that mystical charm and is downright sex on legs!!! xxx

[369] jorge montes .. Jul.10.2009 05:04 PM

hi tour from mexico 2009? please

[370] paul .. Jul.26.2009 08:30 PM

why no concert in the philadelphia area or atlantic city ????

[371] rod .. Sep.03.2009 06:45 PM

when concert..in quebec...??

[375] RUI SILVA .. Oct.26.2009 11:08 AM

eu adoro a banda desde o tempo do micky moody mas os elementos da banda do dvd live in still of the night eram fantasticos . venham a portugal por favor

[376] RUI SILVA .. Oct.26.2009 11:14 AM

marco mendoza e tommy aldridge e steve vai voltem para os whitesnake voces sao excelentes eu fui ver a cantanhede mas soube a pouco venham a portugal

[377] RUI SILVA .. Oct.26.2009 11:23 AM


[378] RUI SILVA .. Oct.26.2009 11:32 AM


[386] rei .. Nov.23.2009 01:55 PM

whitesnake another time in albania please guys

[388] milos .. Dec.10.2009 05:24 AM

Whitesnake...come in Belgrade...we love you here>>>>>>

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