Sky Academy Concert 2009

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Doug Aldrich News Jun-18-2009 (Thu) 12:22pm PST/PDT

Sky Academy Concert 2009

Doug will NOT be playing June 18th W/ Uli Jon Roth

Hey everyone,
Although Doug is being advertised as a participant in the Sky Academy Concert 2009 W/ Uli Jon Roth, he will not be playing there. He was asked at the beginning if he was interested, but never received any more details regarding the show and was never confirmed. He has just returned from the European Whitesnake tour and is only home for a few days before leaving for the US tour. He currently has family plans which would conflict with the June 18th concert date. He deeply apologizes for anyone who was planning on attending to see him. If anything changes, we will be sure to post it here immediately.
Any future performances will be listed here on his Official MySpace page.
Thanks : )
Doug Aldrich MySpace

Doug will appear as a special guest on Sky Academy Concert 2009 (Uli Jon Roth & Friends), Thu June 18th.

The official 2009 Sky Academy Concert

  • Thu June-18 Galaxy Theater, Santa Ana CA USA

Special Guests

  • Doug Aldrich
  • Steve Lukather
  • Roy Z
  • Mark Boals
  • Phil Woodward
  • Niklas Turmann
  • Corvin Bahn
  • Richie Onori
  • Elliott Rubinson
  • Carmine Appice
  • Martin Motnik
  • Rob Rock
  • Adrian Galysh
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