Big News!! (Doug had a son and became a father)

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Doug Aldrich News Dec-20-2009 (Sun) 12:00am PST/PDT

Big News!! (Doug had a son and became a father)


Hey everyone,
I have been meaning to let you know sooner, so sorry for the delayed news.
On Aug. 29 my wife gave birth to a BABY BOY!!!
His name is Ryder James.
He came in at 7.3lbs (3.3kg), 20 inches (50cm).

It was the absolute most amazing thing that I have ever been through and the greatest day of my life.
Words cant describe.....

As some of you know, we have been trying to start a family for a long time.
So I wanted to share the news with you as soon as I could and thank you so much for your prayers and wishes.

Ill post more later.... for now, back to Diaper Watch '09
Thanks and lots of love


Thank you soooo much for all the posts!

We have been truly blessed with Ryder. He is so funny.... Im hypnotized by him!

I am currently on diaper patrol again.... Its my new job. Its a tough job but I love it!
The trick is to avoid him peeing on me whilst I change him! He is an expert marksman though.... Just when I take my eye off for a second, he lets loose with the golden shower!
Now, we got a gift from the lovely and amazing Mrs Coverdale.... Its called a "TeePee" i think. Its shaped like an indian Teepee. You simply place it over the "willy" and voila!! NO MORE SHOWERS!

Its the greatest invention of all time...right after the guitar!
Guitar>TeePee, etc

Seriously though. Thank you all from my heart.
Much appreciated.

Ryder is almost 2 months now!

Hey Guys, just an update... Ryder is almost 2 months now! You all are so right.... Time goes by so quick.
I am filming as much as I can in between my writing sessions and other normal husband duties but its not enough.

Anyway, he is doing great smiling and just learning to roll over. We listen to music all the time and he kinda favors classic rock radio right now!.....Its so amazing seeing him progress with the little things that babies learn. I really dont want to miss a minute, but guitar calls ya know.

I wanted to thank you all for your really great and thoughtful gifts and wishes.
Thank you so much from all of us.

Love Doug

Thanks very much for all the congrats!!

Hey you guys! Thanks very much for all the congrats!!
I really appreciate all the messages.
We are doing good. It is a loooot of work, but not so much for me though.
Mylene is an amazing mom and she and Ryder have bonded so much. She is doing so good for him. She dedicates every minute to him.... I'm in awe of her.
Me, I do what I can, but really Ryder just mostly needs his mom. That kinda leaves me wide open to pursue new songs!! I have had the most unbelievable inspiration to create this last few months. Been really good.

Thanks again everyone.
All the best,

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[372] partygirl .. Sep.13.2009 01:25 PM

Congratulations! Enjoy this special moment, they grow up before you know it!!

[373] kittybeast .. Sep.14.2009 06:54 PM

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Welcome to the world Ryder Aldrich! Much happiness and joy I\'m sure the family is feeling, best to you all!

[379] Bill The Rocker .. Oct.28.2009 09:34 AM

Douglas Aldrich native son of Philadelphia has bore a son into this world. If he\'s half the man and musician that his Dad is then we look foward to meeting him. Maybe he can play with my twins who are a year old.

[380] partygirl .. Oct.31.2009 04:13 PM

Wait till Ryder discovers his own vocal cords! Be sure to have your camera ready for that!

[381] laura .. Nov.01.2009 11:50 AM

Enjoy every moment!

[385] Ervin .. Nov.21.2009 08:47 PM

Congrats on the newborn and hopefully he will be as talanted as you/anyways you and the bamd coming to Vancouver Canada?

[393] Scott Weisenborn .. Jan.20.2010 01:20 PM

A belated congrats. I wanna say once again it was a pleasure meeting you last Thursday ( 1-14-10) at NAMM. Would have liked to talk longer if time allowed, maybe next time.
Take care,
Scott Weisenborn

[395] Steve Silver .. Feb.09.2010 07:34 PM

A Belated congrats!! If ryder needs a someone to run around with when he gets a little older, you can have my jack russell terrier, so i can get back to playing my guitar,instead of taking him outside all day and night! LOL Keep up the good work and take care, Steve Silver

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