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Rocks On The Road: Japan Tour Report & CD Review

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Burning Rain Japan Tour Report!!

Doug Aldrich Burning Rain Live Keith St.John

All PicturesFOSAMU "TIO" SUZUKI / Supported By PONY CANYON INC.

Burning Rain
LtoR: Ian Mayo(B) Chris Frazier(Dr) Keith St.John(Vo) Doug Aldrich(G) James Fuchs(Key)

Set List

  1. Smooth Locomotion
  2. Superstar Train
  3. Cherry Grove
  4. Making My Heart Beat
  5. Jungle Queen
  6. Heavens Garden
  7. Guitar Solo
  8. Tokyo Rising
  9. Can't Cure The Fire
  10. Drum Solo
  11. Full Moon Fever
  12. Keyboard Solo
  13. Can't Turn Your Back On Love
  14. Seasons Of Autumn
  15. Fool No More

This article is available only in Japanses

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