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Doug Aldrich news

Guitar Clinic & Signing Session

Fulltone Presents Doug Aldrich Clinic & Signing Session

October 2nd (Thr)
Ikebe Instruments Shop (Ikebukuro) 4F OM STUDIO
Open 5:30pm / Start 6:00pm
Ticket 1,500yen
- more information -
TEL: 03-3989-0069 (Takei / Nagasawa) or Email

Doug Aldrich news

Whitesnake JAPAN tour has started

25th Anniversary Greatest Hits Tour Japan 03 has started in Nagano Today. Please vote/post your reviews!
Tour dates

Doug Aldrich news

Message from Doug

quote from Message Board

Hey, just wanted to say that I am so looking forward to the Japan Whitesnake tour. I can't wait.
Hope you all are doing well. I love BEEF CURRY, yea!!!!! See ya soon....Doug

quote from Japanese Message Board

Hi you guys. I am sorry it has been so long, but I am finally comming to Japan. I really hope so see some of you at the shows. See ya soon...Doug

Keith St John news


A Great Big Shout Out to All the Burning Rainer's out there. Let's keep this planet Rockin'!! Check out Doug in Whitesnake. Those boys are Rockin' Hard and Soundin' Great!! Write me at this Board anytime and I will try to answer you as soon as possible!! Thanx...KEITH

Doug Aldrich news


The Worrld's Heaviest Magazin BURRN! Special issue "METALLION Vo.18" was published today in Japan. You can read Doug's long Interview!

Doug Aldrich news

Whitesnake Tour

USA tour has started

The Rock Never Stops tour with Warrant, Kip Winger & Slaughter has started in Manchester, NH on July 11th. Please send your report, photos, and setlists!

JAPAN tour date addition

The Whitesnake additional show in Japan has been confirmed.
Thu Sep-25: Zepp Tokyo
Ticket sale on Jul.27 // Tour Dates & Info

Doug Aldrich news

Whitesnake USA Tour

Whitesnake USA Tour "Rock Never Stops" with Warrant, Kip Winger & Slaughter is confirmed. See the dates and the Info at Tour Section

Doug Aldrich news

Whitesnake Japan Tour

Whitesnake "25th Anniversary Greatest Hits Tour Japan 03" is confirmed. See the dates and the Info at Tour Section

Keith St John news

Montrose has entered a recording studio

On the third of May, Montrose has entered a recording studio in studio city, CA. to begin work on the new record. It should be done in about two and a half weeks. All recording will be analog onto two inch tape! Many songs are just rough sketches now or not even written yet. So this record will be very organic and spontaneous. The songs we do already have a start on are killer! Back to work...Keith

Keith St John news

Montrose New Album & Keith solo work

From Keith...
I am finally going to make a record with Ronnie Montrose. This new Montrose record will be the first Montrose (as a band) record since Sammy Hagar was in the band. I'm sure that Montrose fans will love it! We plan to record it in May.
The working title for the solo record is "BUILT FOR SPEED". I am getting the studio time all set up right now.

Keith St John news

Keith St John Birthday

Happy Birthday, Keith!!

Doug Aldrich news

Doug Aldrich Birthday

Happy Birthday, Doug!!

Burning Rain news

Whitesnake & Montrose in San Antonio

Whitesnake with Doug and Montrose with Keith shared a stage at Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas on Feb.8th. Montrose played about 50min, and Whitesnake did roughly 1hour. The both of the bands shows were totally amazing!! If you saw the stage or the others, please let us know how was it.

Doug Aldrich news

Live Q&A Chat on AOL

Doug is doing a live AOL chat. If you are not AOL member, you can download the FREE trial access software located at AOL.

  • Date: Feb.17, 2003.. 9pm ET, 6pm PT
  • AOL Keyword: Rock Chat


Burning Rain news

Doug,Whitesnake & Montrose are sharing a stage!

Whitesnake with Doug and Montrose with Keith are sharing a stage in San Antonio, TX on February 8th.

Tour Dates

Doug Aldrich news

Whitesnake tour has started !

The USA tour of the 25th anniversary of Whitesnake has started in Jacksonville, FL on January 29th.

Ian Mayo news

Ian Mayo Birthday

Happy Birthday, Ian!!

Keith St John news

NEW YEAR'S message to Fans ..

Cheers, Congrads, and Blessings for all of us leaving our past days behind and embarking on yet another adventurous and ground-breaking chapter in our lives and in our hearts...2003!!! It is extremely important and absolutely imperative for all of us to take what we have learned from our past as we leave it behind and strive to push the envelopes of achievement in our lives as we define bold new boundaries, and we take another giant step up on the ladder of life!

Now...all together, lets make some noise, light the lighters, and raise our glasses high for Doug's recent success on the Ronnie James Dio tour, and on his well-earned position as the main axe-slinger for the upcoming Whitesnake live showdates. I honestly couldn't think of a better guitarist on the planet for either job, and I must say I'm extremely proud of him, as well as, of course, counting the days until we finish Burning Rain's third album! It will be a very exciting time for us and hopefully for fans when we team up again, both of us with new growth experiences behind us, having shared stages and recording studios with legends and masters of the hard rock world.

As our websites continue growing and our worldwide fanbase seems to keep broadening, I can feel a sense of bonding between myself and our fans, myself and Doug, and myself and Burning Rain. Also, I feel I've grown immensely as a singer as well as writer/performer in this interim since the last Burning Rain record. So rest assured dear friends that we will be taking no prisoners this next time around as we continue to craft our own brand of blazing hard rock in this new year!!!...Rock On!!!

P.S... Montrose with me and Whitesnake with Doug will be sharing a stage in San Antonio, Texas this February...

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