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Season's Greetings (Dou and keith)

Season's Greetings (Dou and keith)

Burning Rain news

FrontSigned to Frontiers Records !

Frontiers Records

Burning Rain have signed to Frontiers Records (Italy) for a new studio album in 2005.

Doug Aldrich news

Guitar World Magazine

You can listen to Doug's guitar riff at Guitar World and read the column and see the printed tab in the July issue (on sale now in the US).

Doug Aldrich news

Whitesnake Tour 2004

The tour starts Sep. 3 in Germany. It goes till Oct 27

Keith St John news

Keith St.John Birthday

Happy Birthday, Keith!!

Doug Aldrich news

Doug Aldrich Birthday

Happy Birthday, Doug!

Doug Aldrich news

Hello From Doug! Original at DA.com

I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and look forward to seeing everyone soon. Whitesnake is planning out the year as far as the Touring schedule. We are definitely working on Europe, South America and maybe even Australia. We will let everyone know as soon as anything is planned and definite. And of course I am hoping some US dates come in for the end of summer.
I have been working on a new Burning Rain record that will be recorded this year.
Thanks to everyone who has been waiting. We basically wrote a whole bunch of new songs and just wrapping up the loose ends.
And lastly, everyone should pick up the Dio DVD "Evil or Divine" from the 2002 tour. Recorded on Friday the 13th.
We will be finally implementing the online ordering of merchandise (DougAldrich.com), we are working on that now. More news very soon!

Doug Aldrich news

The Electro-LESSON DVD will be out in Japan

The Electro-LESSON

Doug Aldrich's Guitar instructional video The Electro-LESSON DVD (Original VHS was released in 1997) will be out on Feb.18th in Japan. Check out his awesome guitar plays!
PONY CANYON : PCBP-51072 / Region 2

Ian Mayo news

Ian Mayo Birthday

Happy Birthday, Ian!!

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